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 I still love you like if you lived next door….


now im just her….

Your response, makes me wish I never did…

I had one weekend to show you who I really am. I thought I did good, I guess I should stop grading myself….

Your Lip’s

I don’t know how they do it but your lips are the only thing that can make me feel naughty but relaxing at the same time

Whenever I talk about us to someone else, all they have to say is “Give it time”. How much more time can I give it? I try my hardest everynight to make you smile still. What do you do, laugh for a second and then go back to silent again? I’m just waitting for that day that you wake up and realize that we only have one more year. One more year to fall asleep on the phone together, joke around at any time of the day, and my favorite one out of all, tell eachother ”I Love You” at anytime we please. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you don’t miss all those things. Maybe I’m the only one that does… Just remember though, you don’t know what you have until you lose it…


We use to talk on the phone every night, we even would fall asleep on the phone with each other on purpose. The most I get now is a goodnight in text. Hearing your voice right before I fell asleep would make me feel unstoppable. The most a text can make you feel is worthless. Worthless that your not important enough for them to just call you and tell you how they really feel. A text message means nothing to me…..



You always talk about taking me places and doing romantic things together but you don’t realize that just being with you is more then enough. I don’t care if sitting on the couch watch a movie in are pj’s is most we do in one day. At least I have you by my side, at least I can turn to you at an moment and just kiss you, at least I’m in your arms and feel more protected then I have ever felt. I’m a simple girl and those simple things are the best of memory’s,

Almost seven months ago you made a promise to me, well you made several promises to me. The two I remember the most though, are one, you would do anything for me and two, you will love me forever and never let me go… I’m guessing the word promise doesn’t mean the same thing to you that it means to me. Didn’t they teach you in pre-K not to tell a lie? I’m guessing you weren’t listening just like you weren’t listening when I was explaining to you that what your doing is hurting me from the inside out. Sooner or later I’m going to have to brake a promise of my own. I’m gonna have to walk away and never look back.