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What I Miss…..

* How we use to talk for hours until we would both fall asleep

* How you use to tell me you loved me more then once a day

* How you use to tell me everything without me having to ask you too

* How you use to make me feel like one of the prettiest girls in the world

* How you use to not care when I said stupid things

* How you use to ask me how my day was and what I did that day

* How you use to laugh and think everything I did was adorable

* How I could be myself in front of you and not worry about what you think

* How I use to smile at every text from you

* How I didn’t have to play hard to get with you

* How we use to fight over who loves the other more

* How there use to be a text from you every time I would look at my phone

* How we use to never fight over anything

* And how I use to be your number one